Lunch $17.95 Dinner $19.95
Served with rice, miso soup, house salad, and tempura (no substitutes and no
double orders on sushi and sashimi)

Two choices of the following items:
BENTOChicken Teriyaki
Beef Teriyaki
Salmon Teriyaki
Sesame Chicken
California Roll (8 pcs)
Spicy Tuna (8 pcs)
Baked Green Mussels (5 pcs)
Assorted Sushi (5pcs one order per bento box)
Assorted Sashimi (6 pcs one order per bento box)


Lunch $17.95 Dinner $19.95
Our house ramen broth is slow cooked for over 12 hours to produce a broth that is rich and milky white in color. Our unique recipe uses 6 different varieties of chili's and over 10 different toppings to add different levels of texture and flavors. The pork belly slice is also marinated in eight different ingredients and also cooked for tenderness.

All Ramen includes a pork slice, 1/2 egg, & scallions

RAMENBroth Options:
Original   Miso   Tsuyu   Udon   Curry

Toppings include (.75 cents each)